Monday, April 18, 2011

Camping on the Mendocino Coast

Camping has always attracted people from all ages.  It is amazing what a fire can do for conversation and the imagination.  © Preston Drake-Hillyard 2011

Camping the Mendocino Coast

Although Humboldt County offers the most pristine beaches and forests in the world, sometimes you just want to go a bit further from home.  Just outside of Humboldt County, past Garberville, you can get on Highway 1, after 22 miles of bends and switchbacks you will find yourself looking out over the majesty of the Mendocino coast.  

Misty spray and fog contrasted with the ever-green world of the coastal redwoods leave you gasping at the beauty of it all.  The towns along the coast are quaint sea-side villages with everything you would need to get your adventure started. 

You can stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts situated along the coast or you can camp at a state park.  Van Damme state beach and campground is a perfect pick for those trying to rough it, but with amenities.  Restrooms are available and Van Damme offers large camping spaces for multiple cars and tents.  The group campsite makes taking a number of people or a family reunion easy.  It can fit 10 or more vehicles, RVs and more.  

Get in your car, get your favorite people together and head south from Humboldt.  One road trip plus beautiful scenery plus camping can only equal an excellent adventure.

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