Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Is Here And Has Brought The Farmer's Market With It

All Photos © Travis Turner 2011  

The cloudy gray skies, and the spatter of rain did nothing to hold back throngs of Humboldt County citizens from the Arcata, California Farmer's Market today.  
A lap around the plaza in Arcata could put you in touch with a cornucopia of vegetables, eggs, succulents, kale and plants of all shapes and sizes.

Kids could be seen swinging from the trees, wrestling or dancing to the hypnotic sound of Music of the Andes.

For more information on the Arcata Farmer's market and to find out how to get your produce to market check out the website here.

Time to stretch your winterized muscles and check to see if the bones have thawed, spring is here.  Come down to the Arcata Plaza on Saturday and see what your missing.

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