Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mad I Tell Ya, Just Mad!

The bar in the tap room at Mad River Brewery. © Travis Turner 2011
The Mad River Brewing Company has a long history, well, at least as far as custom beers go.  Ken Grossman -- the current majority share holder in the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, Calif. -- opened it a long time ago.  He threw it together using a tomato cooker, some dairy equipment and a whole lot o' elbow grease.  At least, that is the legend. Dave Barrett --a brewer at Mad River-- said two ole Ken Grossman photos still hang on the wall. One shows him sporting an old Steelhead shirt.

A lot has changed since Ken sold the whole kit-and-kabootle to the original owners of Mad River.  The tap room is new and is always crowded with those who know an excellent beer when they wash it over an experienced palette.  From Jamaica Sunset IPA, Steelhead double-IPA or the seasonal favorite, Double Dread Red, the beer is hard to beat.  In fact, try a sampler, it makes the choosing easier.  Don't over do it though, some, like the double IPA, pack a punch.

 In short, the award-winning beer does not disappoint when served ice cold and just a day out of the brewery.  Add a great atmosphere, a gorgeous oak bar and friendly staff and its every beer aficionados dreamlike watering hole.  If you ask nicely, they will even take you out back for a tour.  Make em' show you Ken's photos.

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