Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Another Greasy Spoon

Don't Let this humble facade fool you, this place is the real deal.  © Travis Turner 2011
When going for breakfast in Humboldt County the choices are endless, from carts to champagne brunch, you can find them all here.  If your looking for something tasty and find yourself in Arcata stop in and try the culinary delights of Golden Harvest.  

The location is perfect if you are taking a hike into the Arcata Community Forest, a lush multipurpose forest, or biking along the Hammond Trail to Clam Beach Vista.  Both adventures will be sure to inspire you and your need for some calories.

Golden Harvest has a different way of showing that the customer is always right.  On their website, here, you can see the entire menu.  Their motto is below.

We serve breakfast and lunch every day.  Almost every dish we serve can be either meat or vegetarian.  We have a menu designed around choice - not just meat or vegetarian, but also which meats, cheeses, and vegetables.  Every person is different with different desires and wants.  Our menu reflects that.

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