Sunday, April 24, 2011

Electronic Vibe Fills Arcata Theatre Lounge: VibeSquaD, Ana Sia and more

                                                                       The Arcata Theatre Lounge was transformed into a San Francisco electronica club with VibeSquaD, aka Aaron Holstien, Ana Sia, Lazer Sword and Epcot bringing the bay to local enthusiasts.  

The crowd at the ATL seemed ready to embrace the city life as champagne bottles were passed around. The locals kept it real Humboldt-like by drinking straight from the bottle and the party continued until VibeSquad finished up close to two in the morning. 

Ana Sia pumped out a perfect mix of deep base and electronic twittering that kept the crowd pumped until VibeSquaD started his set just after midnight. Holstein got the crowd in the right mood by starting his mix with an infamously famous Humboldt favorite by Cypress Hill, I Want To Get High.  

The production was brought here by World Famous Productions, a local promotions company that continues to support the dub-step and electronica genre by shipping artists to Arcata and Eureka.  If you missed the show check out Mimosa and company on April 27 at Arcata Theatre.

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